About Us

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With backgrounds in property development, finance, acquisitions, retail park and both UK and overseas sales our partners each have over 25 years experience.

As a qualified civil engineer Doug White has gained considerable experience in construction management and town planning. Following successful spells at Princeton, Grantchester and Raven Group he initiated his own planning and development consultancy under the Millhouse banner in the early 1990s specialising in restoration projects, waterside schemes and strategic land promotion.

Doug has gone on to promote and fund his own development projects since and in parallel was appointed as a main board director at Brentford FC to investigate ground improvements and relocation projects for the club and other such requirements for professional and non-league bodies.

As a qualified financial services professional, Paul Buckner has overseen well over £3 billion of property transactions. Founding Orchard Property and Financial Services in 1997 before going on to open Orchard sales offices in Spain and launching a successful West London based Sales and Lettings business.

Starting out with property refurbishment projects in 1998, Paul is now involved with development on a larger scale with residential and mixed use sites in various UK locations.

Together Doug and Paul look at projects with and without planning preferring to add value where possible for end-user driven schemes in the care, hotel, retail and student sectors. The partners are also comfortable ‘building out’ projects and have a dedicated team capable of delivering them.